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The saxophone can be used to play a variety of musical styles. In the classical realm of study, the standard instrument is the alto sax, for which such standard pieces as the Creston Sonata have been written. Although the tenor is more commonplace than the soprano, there are quite a number of well-known and prolific artists that write for and perform on the soprano sax. No jazz band would be complete without a sax section. For jazz in general, the sax is one of the most popular instruments in the art. Jazz legends such as Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, Cannonball Adderley, Wayne Shorter, Stan Getz, Gerry Mulligan and Paul Desmond are sax players who had very unique styles of playing their saxes. Saxophones can also be used in many other styles of music such as rock, pop, smooth jazz, adult contemporary, and musical theater.

You find clarinets in all types of ensembles.

In the classical symphony orchestra.

Symphonic wind bands or harmonic orchestras - especially the big ones - are very much like the classical symphony orchestras, but without a string section. They replace the high strings with clarinets (yeah!) and saxophones and baritones.

Military bands and their civilian counterpart, the firebrigade's - or schools marching band or community bands, are usually marching bands. In some European regions (Alpine region, Tschech republc, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy - each in a different local tradition) many local communities may have such a band which gives young talents a lot of starting points. In the USA the high school's marching band has got a similar function.

The Klezmer- Gipsy- or Tango-orchestra is nothing for beginners nor for the shy person, and on top of good technical playing skills you better have some acting skills.

Playing chamber music, usually in a quintet, together with flute, oboe, horn and bassoon, perfection in every aspect is required. But outside of a rather small scene only very few people fancy chamber music.

In the Big Band and other jazz ensembles the clarinet is a solo instrument at one moment, and the next it is a part of the wind section. Once (Glen Miller!) it was the star.

In Pop, Rock and other commercial music - often based on electric and electronic effects the clarinet is rather exotic. You may find a bass clarinet here and there due to the interesting visual appearance.

Like most musical instruments, the flute can be used to perform nearly any style of music. 

Western Classical

One of the quietest instruments in a symphony orchestra, but one of the most essential, is the flute. The highest notes are played on the flute or its cousin the piccolo. One of Mozart's most famous operas was called The Magic Flute, in which the instrument has a prominent role.

Eastern Music

Flutes are common instruments in Eastern countries such as India, China and Japan. But these types of flutes differ from Western flutes.

Jazz and Other Styles

All types of music may incorporate the flute, be they Western or Eastern styles. Jazz musicians may play the flute to achieve higher notes than what is possible with any other instrument. Even rock bands have been known to use flutes, notably Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull.And even before the colonization of America, Native American flutes were played. Today, New Age artists still make music on Native American flutes.


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